Weekend decluttering

Got rid of on Saturday:  deodorant nobody will use, half-bottle of foot lotion, nearly-empty bottle of another kind of lotion, bottle of perfume that had two squirts left in it

Leaving the house on Sunday: one very large flashlight-type thing that doesn’t work, 3 new ink cartridges that fit a printer I don’t have any more, 5 outdated phone books, 1 free calendar

We had “thundersnow” last night, thunder and lightning during a heavy snowstorm. That was unusual. Woke up to several inches of heavy, wet snow this morning. I’m glad the power stayed on.

Even though it’s still winter…

…the days are starting to get noticeably longer. Along with the increased daylight, I’m noticing a renewed urge to declutter, pare down, and thin out.

My husband isn’t an eager declutterer by any means, but he’s become WILLING, which means I have more of a free reign around here to get rid of stuff.🙂

I was reading blogs last night, and stumbled across a new one to me: Miss Minimalist. Francine’s writing style drew me in, and I’ve spent several hours so far reading back through her archives. Already I’ve picked up several tips and new ideas that I can use. If you haven’t read Miss Minimalist yet, check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Items leaving the house today:

-2 boxes of tiny envelopes, 1 wood plaque, 8 books, 1 basket, 1 plastic storage container

-1 leash, 1 dog collar, 2 dog sweaters


January Decluttering

Today I’m sending 17 volumes of an old Time Life series of books over to the book recycling bin at our local drop off center. These were going to be used for altered books or collage material, but I have enough as it is, and will like the bare space where that box of books has been sitting for quite awhile now.

Walked by the bookshelf and found 2 more books that can go.

3 new sponges (I don’t use them)…gone.

5 more books

2 batches of Christmas cards recycled-they were new, but envelopes got stuck shut in storage

more “collage fodder” that I had been saving, but it’s in the way right now-recycled

1 dead corded telephone

Christmas tree stand and…

Happy New Year to everyone who visits my blog!

Here in Vermont we’re experiencing our January thaw. It’s 50 degrees, and a lot of the snow has melted.  We don’t get many New Year’s Days that warm, that’s for sure.

It was a nice, relaxing day here. I’ve been puttering around, and have even found something to declutter: a large Christmas tree stand. My dh and I both agree that our putting up a large tree days are past, so we’ll recycle the stand.

I also went through our gift wrapping supplies, and got rid of several gift bags; some gift wrap I’ll never use; and a bunch of decorated cellophane bags from a few years ago. These things will go to the reuse shack for somebody else to use.

Wednesday decluttering

Today I’m getting rid of a BIG stack of old encyclopedia-type books that were going to be used for collage materials, but since I’ve switched to doing my art mostly digitally now, I don’t need to keep as much printed matter around.

Since my brother now occupies the area that used to be my studio, I’ve had to cram all my art and collage supplies into this room that is also our home office/computer room. Anything I can thin out will just give me that much more room in here.

Tuesday decluttering

It’s a nice, sunny day here today, not real warm though, only thirteen degrees right now. Good day to stay in and thin out a few things.


-passing along a package of new socks that dh will never wear

-to the metal recycling bin: one wreath frame that I thought I’d make a new wreath for, but I won’t

-to our friend who owns an auto repair shop: a large stack of clean rags cut from old t-shirts

-passing along a heated/vibrating back massage cushion

-recycling one bag of various packing materials: bubble wrap, cushioning paper, etc.

Snowy woods